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One-on-One Reading Intervention with Brianna

Most intervention sessions are virtual, although Brianna does meet with a few students in person who are local to her. Initially, students are given brief assessments to determine their needs and a personalized intervention plan is customized for them. Parents work with Brianna to determine the best fit for the needs of their student: Lexercise Therapy, EBLI reading intervention, or the Barton Reading & Spelling System.


Depending on the program chosen, students meet with Brianna between 1-5 times per week. Lexercise students meet with Brianna once per week with customized practice for student and/or parent on the remaining days. Barton students meet with Brianna at least twice per week to ensure fidelity to the program. EBLI students usually meet with Brianna once per week depending on the need.

Is online reading intervention really effective? Yes! I know how to engage a student and create rapport. Online sessions are very convenient for parents, and they can be continued when students travel. My students do all the same things we would do if we were in person. Listening, reading, handwriting, spelling, and playing games! 

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